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DPW: Mindigo Creek Roadway Repair

SFDPW Bureau of Architecture - Mindigo Creek - La Honda, CA

Value at Award: $152,000 - Value at Completion: $152,000


Yerba Buena Engineering and Construction was secured as Prime Contractor by the Department of Public Works for repairs at Mindigo Creek, in La Honda, California.  The access road to the water collection system for the Log Cabin Ranch that is adjacent to Mindigo Creek was undermined due to landslide. The purpose of this contract was to provide design and perform repairs due to the landslide and to restore the access road. Yerba Buena obtained all required permits (including permits from Fish and Game), and design/planning/management of all phases of construction. Additionally, a small bridge needed to access the site for delivery of equipment and supplies, for the landslide repair was upgraded. Prior to the upgrade, the bridge did not have the structural support necessary for delivery of equipment and construction loads. Project Duration: 08/09-10/09.