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DPW: Oceanside Sharp Park Storm Outfall

SF Department of Public Works - Sharp Park - Pacifica, CA

Value at Award: $165,503 - Value at Completion: $165,503


The Oceanside Sharp Park Storm Outfall project was performed for the City of San Francisco DPW. Located below sea level, the project was protected by a surrounding levee system. A discharge pipe had broken somewhere within the levee. The project’s scope of work included locating, exposing and removing the broken portion of pipe. The pipe was then replaced with new polyethylene pipe and check valves were installed. Once the pipe was replaced, levee repairs took place. Riprap, previously removed, was later replaced on the bank and the surface of the levee during the repair phase of work. Difficulties were encountered due to the location, requiring careful scheduling of trucking and delivery of materials to minimize congestion on the approach to the jobsite. The project was completed on time and within budget. Project Duration: 11/07-12/08.