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US Navy: Tactical Wash Rack

US Marine Corps - Reserve Training Center - Concord, CA

Value at Award: $452,000 - Value at Completion: $462,000


Yerba Buena Engineering & Construction Inc. was contracted by the US Navy to design and build the wash rack facility at the US Marine Corps Reserve Training Center in Concord, CA. The project included design of the facility, and phases of work that included site clearing, demolition of existing concrete pavement, removal of existing equipment, landscaping, underground utilities and various other existing conditions. The construction of the facility included subgrading, construct reinforced Portland cement, wash rack, and tactical vehicle pavement.  Design/Build, included a complete underground water supply system from point of connection to the wash rack including backflow preventer, isolation valves, and water meter. Measures were taken to test, sanitize, and certify the water supply system. Yerba Buena also designed and constructed a complete wastewater system from wash rack to sewer manhole, including: automatic first flush, storm water diversion valve with controller, wastewater grit/oil interceptor, wastewater-sampling port, and two wastewater force main systems. Yerba Buena designed and constructed the underground electrical system. The system was installed in a pre-engineered building to house the wash rack for power washing equipment. Additional equipment installation included a new pump and controller, panel, electrical piping, and ancillary equipment for USAR force main sump. Project Duration: 04/09-06/09.