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USACE: Petaluma Mainline Railroad

US Army Corps of Engineers - Petaluma Mainline RR - Petaluma, CA

Value at Award: $3,990,095 - Value at Completion: $3,990,095


Yerba Buena Engineering and Construction executed the relocation of the mainline railroad track crossing at the Petaluma River. The large flood control project was procured under the US Army Corps of Engineers. In spite of 107 RFIs, this project was completed on time with 15,000 accident free labor hours.

The design portion of this project involved the storm drain and water line system. Additional changes involved gravity wall construction and environmental remediation (hazardous soil). Underground utilities were redesigned due to conflicts with existing utilities. The scope of work included retaining walls, floodwalls, drainage, and water line systems. Construction included earth fill track approaches, RR signals and warning devices for all grade crossings, curb, gutters, and sidewalks. Major features of the work included bridge removal and construction of concrete retaining structures. YBEC utilized recycled steel products for the over 3,000 track feet of rail lines and recycled concrete was used for aggregate base for the roadwork. Project Duration: 09/03-03/05