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USACE: Spurline Railroad Bridge Removal

US Army Corps of Engineers - Petaluma Mainline RR - Petaluma, CA

Value at Award: $2,105,451 - Value at Completion: $2,105,451


Contracted by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Yerba Buena Engineering and Construction served as the prime contractor for work on the Petaluma Mainline Railroad. An existing bridge required removal due to reoccurring floods causing debris to collect on the pilings of the railway bridge structure resulting in blockage to the flow of water. The existing bridge and blockages were removed and a new spurline was installed, forgoing the use of a bridge altogether. All underground utilities were redesigned due to conflicts with the existing utilities. Yerba Buena Engineering and Construction performed all relevant scopes of work including bridge removal, on-site underground utilities and mechanical. The project included demolition, upgrades activities, and incorporated hazardous materials abatement.

Upon the discovery of hydrocarbons and lead contaminants in the soil, sampling, testing and abatement were performed. This required routing soil to appropriate disposal facilities, which included 3,000 CY of soils sent to a standard disposal facility. Additionally, 750 CY of contaminated soils were sent to a special facility for disposal. Despite unforeseen conditions, the project was completed on time and within budget. Project Duration: 11/07-06/08.